Dennis Adams: In the Red

Working together with Mr. Adams, Mendelsohn helped design the artworks, printed catalog, and exhibition for In The Red (Spain, 2012-16). In The Red is the title for a series of text-based works that foreground propositions and first person narratives about money, culture, history and journalism.

Dennis Adams (born 1948) is an American artist who has made urban interventions and museum installations that reveal historical and political undercurrents in photography, cinema, public space and architecture.

The texts are overlaid on found street posters, news photographs, book covers, and film stills that push and pull against the visual and semantic readings of the texts. Adams adopts the American expression “in the red” for the title of his exhibition to mark the fragile link between the global financial recession of the early 2000s and more subjective accountings of loss. Originally overlaid on predominantly red colored backgrounds, Adams has more recently expanded his palette to a full range of hues, including the dark green used to paint over posters hung in the POST NO BILLS zones of New York.