Rachel Mendelsohn—Studio Mendy

Rachel Mendelsohn (@rmendy) is an independent, Los Angeles-based graphic designer, art director and instructor.


In 2013 she co-founded NEO, a creative, merit-based workshop; in 2014 she graduated from The Cooper Union (NYC); in 2016 she has worked for two major tech-design companies in New York, and re-located back to LA. Mendelsohn’s experience spans a variety of projects including publication and book design, exhibition design, brand identities and logos, web design, album artwork, installations, education and workshops. Clients range from independent artists to big ol’ corporations, and many in between.


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NEO is a merit-based creative workshop series that I co-founded that unites creative experts of a particular locale with student artists. The NYC iteration was held at the Cooper Union. Collaboratively, we branded and built the identity using the generous donation of Graphik from Christian Schwartz and Commercial Type. We wanted an NYC type family for the NYC based workshop. Catch phrases and language were heavily integrated to help convey our response to the idea of visual thinking.

We created and won a Kickstarter campaign. We curated a selection of graphic works in conjunction with the Herb Lubalin Center for Typography. We held a workshop, a lecture series and an exhibition. We created a digital and printed publication. We got 5 NYC based artists to lead a group of 34 international students , and come together in the dead of winter to make a new body of work. We had a party, made new friends, and were invited to exhibit in the MAD Museum.

Rundgang Exhibition-Berlin
Young Sam Kim / Philipp Koller / Rachel Mendelsohn / Nate Mendelsohn / Tong Feng / Shutian Chan
UdK Klasse Skopec

The exhibition concept was inspired by the semester project “lying, sitting, standing,” by Kim Young Sam. The height of the construction of the exhibition supported differences in the works of various individuals. The taped floor also suggested sitting, kneeling or lying to view the exhibition and a grid measured the movements of the visitors from the single entrance.


Gordon Matta-Clark was an American artist with an incredible, yet short career. While his works explored cutting and destruction as a means of creation, the catalog references ‘the space between’ in response to the artists’ oeuvre. The typography and layout allude to X-Ray technology, while exposing in between spaces. All imagery for this catalog is printed on semi-translucent plates to counter the opaque copy pages. As a result, you can see one image behind another in some cases, or at other times, the body copy coming through a photograph. Catalog initiated by Barbara Glauber.


I worked together with Mr. Adams to design the content (original posters), the printed catalog and exhibition for his show in Spain. In The Red (2012-16) is the title for a series of recent text-based works that foreground propositions and first person narratives about money, culture, history and journalism. These texts are over laid on found street posters, news photographs, book covers and film stills that push and pull against the visual and semantic readings of the texts. Adams adopts the American expression, In The Red, for the title of his exhibition, to mark the fragile link between the global financial recession of the last few years and more subjective accountings of loss. Originally overlaid on predominantly red colored backgrounds, Adams has more recently expanded his palette to a full range of hues, including the dark green used to paint over posters hung in the POST NO BILLS  zones of New York.


A new look for a newly renamed beauty practice. Our goal was to create something fashion forward, clean and mature for the evolution of our clients’ brand. I created the lock-ups and short hand logos for all use cases—website, packaging and social media. Shout out to Remi Brixton for setting good vibes on this one.

The Cooper Union Open House Poster

I was commissioned to create this double sided poster for The School of Art. The poster folded into quarters to be mailed, and opens up to the information for the recipient. Doused in red for a little solidarity with Save Cooper Union. Offset print. 11” x 17”

Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods. The Global Brand Team makes that visually exciting.

I had the pleasure of taking Etsy on as a freelance client in 2014. Their global brand team is an innovative group of designers with a deep affnity for good type systems and practice. In addition to being a creative tech company, they are consistently branching out into new territory, specifically offine.

I got to work on several trade show and pop-up shop projects while helping establish typographic systems for various projects for their Wholesale branch, from fabrication to installation. Our booth at the NYNOW show and pop-up Dossier shop were hugely successful and beautifully typeset, if I do say so myself.

Paperless Post helps a user create online and paper stationery that reflects his or her individual aesthetic. The distinctive, customizable designs and online tools make it easy—from everyday correspondence to milestone life events. To date, Paperless Post users have sent over 85 million cards/invitations.

As a graphic artist in The Design Studio, I offered a bold, clean aesthetic to create dynamic and varied invitations and cards for millions of users’ life events. I produced the assets for online and paper, utilizing typography, lettering, illustration, photography and composition, for this design-forward product. I also oversaw and art directed collaborations with partners, like Ashley G. I contributed to our top-notch design practice, pushing for contemporary, and often typographic, solutions while maintaining the look and feel of Paperless Post in collaboration with merchandising and seasonal requests.